Forty-five, Disgusting, Days

An Intense Detox program to deeply cleanse Mind-Body Complex. Any time we think of an intense Detox, here comes few questions;

  • What is the best Detoxification program for me as an Individual with my specific needs?
  • Is there a preparation part before it?
  • What about once I finish and go back to routine?
  • Is it fine, if I go through the process while having medicines?
  • How do I cleanse specific organs?
  • Is it dangerous?
What does it mean ?


It is a process which refers to the elimination of toxin/waste materials from body and mind. At the level of body, we accumulate mainly two types of toxins from environment and through metabolic process. At the level of Mind is all about unfulfilled and misunderstood Desires with a lot of involuntary Thoughts and Expectation.

Toxins from Environment

These are the types of toxins produced outside of our bodies such as Chemicals and Pollutants. We are exposed to them almost all the time through Air, Water and Food.

Most common form of these toxins includes Pesticides, Germicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Artificial -Fertilizers, Medication, Carbon mono-oxide and many more.

Toxins from Metabolism

These are the types of toxins produced by our own body in the process of Metabolism. It is natural for the cells to produces Metabolic waste during their everyday metabolic activities for the maintenance of life through generation of energy. Metabolic waste/toxins are also produced heavily during the indigestion by certain microorganism on undigested food. At the same time body has ways to deal these metabolic toxins, only when the accumulation reaches beyond a particular level and starts effecting normal cellular functioning, we call it Toxicity.

Toxicity challenges the normal functioning of cells, that develops varieties of health problems for example Thyroiditis, Hepatitis, Prostatitis, chronic fatigue and pain, Toxicity for prolonged period may cause damage to the DNA structures of the cell. There are many co-factors involve in a malfunctioned state of a Human Organism but Toxicity is one of the major factor which not only affects the functioning of vital organs but at the same time lowers our ability to fight and recover from health challenges by affecting our Immunity.

Toxins from our own Mind

If we think only body produces Toxins and we can deal it at the level of body, then this is just the half story because under the hypothesis of Yoga 100% Diseases are Psycho-somatic that means origin of all the Diseases and Disorders is the Mind. It all starts with the misunderstanding of the fundamental Desire, which leads to unfulfilled and unsatisfied state of being. In this state a lot of Mental Toxins are produced such as involuntary thinking with a lot of conflict, Anger, Arrogance, Greed, Emotional Dependency over things and People, Jealousy, Procrastination, Doubt, Carelessness, Superiority-Inferiority Complexes, Fear, Guilt, Indecisiveness and many more.

Different stages of a Disease

Disease when it starts in the Mind that is just the seed form of it, once it starts affecting energy levels of a person then that is the sprouted form of it and once it reaches to the body and starts affecting cellular functioning that is already a plant form and a Chronic Disease is nothing but big Banyan tree.

Don't worry - Detoxification is ON, all the time

Detoxification is the spontaneous effort by our Psycho-physiological being, which is designed for natural and constant removal of Toxins from the cells and also from the Mind.

At the level of Body, the biggest part of this process to break-down the Toxic substances is done by our liver and then this broken-down stuff is excreted by Kidneys, Skin, Colon, Lungs etc. Anytime, if the level of Toxins accumulated by our body goes higher than the collective output of excretory channels, mechanism of our body starts sending extra Toxins to the fatty tissues and all of this excess amount gets stored there. These fatty tissues are found between Muscles and skin and also around vital organs. At the level of Mind is all about proper coordination of Holistic-Intelligence, which is the balance of Logic and Intuition to understand the fundamental Desire and situations of life as the complementary aspects of each other instead of contradictory ones.

For sure our body and Mind knows how to detoxify itself, problem starts only if the Toxins are too much and Psycho-physiological excretory mechanism struggles to remove them and they start affecting normal functions of Being. This state leads to all sorts of Degenerative Disorders.


Forty-five, Disgusting, Days

As we have already discussed that our body and mind constantly at work to evacuate toxins and any Detox program is nothing but a process of acceleration to the same. FDD is designed by Abhayaranya Team on behalf of the fundamentals of Yoga and Ayurveda to detox and cleanse as the first step towards the Self.


What is Disgusting in it?

45-Days of Self-regulation and discipline is not an easy task to complete. During the process, there will be many moments in which participants will think differently or against their decision of choosing the program. It is Disgusting because in the process One will find Oneself as the biggest obstacle to deal on the path of Detoxification or Transformation.



Fundamentals of FDD are similar of the fundaments of TTD, the only difference is the time and application of some of the very intense cleansing methods of Yoga and Ayurveda. For example, Physical and emotional relaxation is the key factor, which governs this FDD, location of the Retreat center is perfect to increase the exposure to, plenty of fresh air, enough water and liquid rich diet is served to fulfill the nutritional requirements, which in turn reduces inside formation of toxins. So, one can experience the maximum benefits.