What is TTD ?

Twenty-one Transformational Days

Self-preservation, Self-exploration and Self-expression, TTD is a Twenty-One-Days Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat with the purpose of refining Self-Expression at all the possible levels of mind, body and Consciousness. These twenty-one days will bring participants very close to navigate their own inner potential. The journey of Self-Exploration through the process improves, spontaneous ability to flow with the rapid changes of life and allows the individual to embrace any situation. This transformation is the realization of our own Divine nature, which is always active for Self-Healing and Self-Guidance. These Twenty-One-Days are sequenced in a way to generate spontaneous and natural Self-Appreciation, Self-Respect and Self-Confidence. These attributes are instrumental to manifest Health, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, Mutual-satisfaction and a Life Affirming-Personality.
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Why Twenty-one Days

This period of Twenty-One Days is a secular practice embedded in several spiritual traditions and cultures of the world. The period is considered as a minimum number of days required to establish a new habit and overrule the existing one. Sincere practice for a time of twenty one days may develop the ability to think differently about the situations of life and progressive use of contemplation prior to any major decision.
Can Anyone join ?

Who is eligible?

Open for all, especially for those interested in Yoga, Ayurveda, Self-exploration, Indian culture, not afraid of changes and also willing to invest time and resources for a process of twenty-one disciplined days.
Fundamentals of TTD

Twenty-one Transformational Days

Twenty-one Transformational Days

TTD is based upon the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda; in these 21-days of the retreat participants will move through these principles as five steps in a sequential manner. Where the initial one naturally and spontaneously leads to the next one.

  1. Relaxation

    Strengthening of the Para-sympathetic tone of the Autonomic Nervous system;

  2. Discipline

    Harmonization of the body systems and organs with each other;

  3. Healing

    Enhancement of the immune response to any type of biological or mental stress;

  4. Youthfulness

    Experience of lightness in the Body and enthusiasm in Mind as the outcome of above three;

  5. Transformation

    Quantum Health, Epigenetic and Neuro-plasticity are the new age terms to define the same old traditional concepts of transformation or Self-realization.

With the consent of the participant, at the start and the end we will do the complete medical examination of him/her for a rational purpose to evaluate the TTD and its positive influences.

Summary of TTD

Twenty-one Transformational Days

Day 1 to 7 - Purva Karma

Preparation - First week is dedicated to open up the Psycho-physiological space and mobilization of toxins to ultimately eliminate them via excretory channels, through voluntary Relaxation and Disciplined schedule. Regular practice of Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana will set the preparation on track for upcoming weeks.

Psycho-physiological space

Everything exists in the space, even the whole Existence is in the space. On this theory, Mind exists in psychological space and body in the physiological space. Narrow perception of an individual is actually the congestion of psychological space and the reduced range of motion is the congestion of physiological space. This Congestion is due to the Mental and biological toxins, reflects as stress, rigidity and restlessness and in longer run becomes Chronic disorder. Opening up of this space is to utilize it for wellness and cultivation of Holistic health.

Day 8 to 14 - Pardhan Karma

Detoxification - Second week is for the elimination of Psycho-physiological toxins lodged in Mind and Body with the application of;

  • Kriya (Cleansing techniques of Yoga),

  • Panch-karma (Detox through Ayurveda techniques).

  • Marma-chikitsa (Rejuvenation of energetic body) and

  • Mantra (Healing through the seed of sound),

  • Yog-Nidra (State of wakeful sleep to cleanse the mind),

Psycho-physiological toxins

Human organism equipped with Mind-Body combination is a powerful Transformer. It transforms food into nutrient, thoughts into Ideas, Ideas into Concepts and Concepts into the event of life. To convert one thing into another needs a process, at the level of body we know it as digestion and at the level of mind it is holistic Intelligence. Inability to digest food leads to the toxin in the body and inability to digest thoughts, ideas, beliefs, desires and expectations leads to the mental toxins.

Day 15 to 21 - Paschat Karma

Strengthening and Toning - Third week is all about consolidation and growth of Psycho-physiological being, which sprouts naturally and spontaneously after cleaning up the Mind-Body space.

Psycho-physiological being

Psycho-physiological being is the true expression of the hidden potential every one of us have, which exhibits Holistic health at all the possible levels. In simple words, a potential inherits infinite possibilities in one seed.

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