What We Do

Are we doing or its Happening?

This is just the very first step of a long marathon towards self-sustainability. 
We are filled with gratitude and appreciation for all our Students, Well-wishers and Critics. Without you
it wouldn,t have been possible.

Rishikesh YogPeeth
We Ask Questions

The Existence - Confusion Or a Solution

According to the hypothesis of Yoga, economy of nature is the economy of abundance where poverty has no space. As a group we question the persistence of absolute poverty in a prosperous existence with people around the world lacking access to essential needs. As an answer to this, our resolve is to establish a self-sustainable Yoga Village free of poverty and fear. This Yoga village operates as a Research and Development Center on the functionality of a non-functional state of Existence. In simple words, the exploration of the potential of existence, is guiding us to create various activities under a project called Yoga village Abhayaranya – Rishikesh Yog Peeth.


A realm of Fearless Self-Expression

Abhayaranya is a Sanskrit word combining the word "Abhaya" - Fearless state - and "Aranya" - A place, sanctuary, garden or forest. Abhayaranya – Rishikesh Yog Peeth is an idea in seed form on the concept of Applied Yoga. Our vision is to manifest an independent, self-sustained lifestyle with minimal dependency over Market and Government. A Yoga Village living the values of Applied Yoga will ensure a non-competitive and cooperative way of life.

Applied Yoga

Living Yoga moment by moment

Yoga is often perceived as a lifestyle in the name of which practice takes various forms and expressions, including regularity, some people practice a lot, others less. What is irregularity of Yoga? Maybe the reduction of practice to a simplest expression: Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana within a specific setting. Is it possible to practice Yoga moment by moment in our day-to-day activities without switching the off button? Applied Yoga is about embracing the practice into every aspect of our life on the basis of Traditional Yoga of Patanjali Yog Sutra and its theorem of eight limbs. It is an effort to reinterpret the same age old traditional Yoga for its outward expression.

Comparative Study

Traditional and Applied Yoga

Traditional Yoga for inward journey and Applied Yoga for outward expression

It appears that these two are different streams and they oppose each other but with subtle awareness one recognizes that they complement each other. Every insight eagerly waits for its outward expression and every outward expression has its insight.

First Limb of Traditional Yoga / Applied Yoga

Traditional Yoga
Yama - Social Observance
  • Non-violence, Truthfulness, Non-stealing, Equanimity and Non-Possessiveness
Applied Yoga
Yama as Community building – Existence as Co-Existence
  • Existence as a whole is interrelated and interdependent with all the units interwoven on behalf of an essential intelligence to manifest Co-Operation and Co-Existence;
  • A Co-Operative community cares for its environment;
  • Establishing such a community is possible with a holistic education system.

Second Limb of Traditional Yoga / Applied Yoga

Traditional Yoga
Niyama - Personal Observance
  • Cleanliness of mind & body, Contentment, Discipline, Self-study and Absolute acceptance
Applied Yoga
Niyama as Holistic Education
  • Human development with the ability to maintain Health, Happiness and Peace;
  • Self -Satisfaction as the basis for community building leads to mutual satisfaction;
  • A mutually satisfied community expresses spontaneous prosperity which reproduces itself organically;
  • In such societies individuals experience fearlessness;
  • Fearlessness or Absolute Self-Confidence is the culmination of a holistic education system.

Third Limb of Traditional Yoga / Applied Yoga

Traditional Yoga
Asana - Postural alignment, a position that is steady, stable and comfortable.
Applied Yoga
Asana as Alignment with nature
  • Agriculture as the first step towards self-sustainable prosperity;
  • It all starts with "Seeds" and the organic seed collection and preservation for a steady, stable and comfortable livelihood;
  • In India, agriculture is the main livelihood of the majority of the population and many rituals and festivals also integrate seeds to celebrate the eternity of life. The inter-generational practice of keeping seeds is in itself is a way of life;
  • Soil preservation, Composting, Water conservation and Nursery ;
  • Fruits, vegetables, grains, oil seed, floriculture, gardening and forestation;
  • Cattle-keeping, bee-keeping, herding.

Fourth Limb of Traditional Yoga / Applied Yoga

Traditional Yoga
Pranayama - Expansion of vital living force by regulation of breath.
Applied Yoga
Pranayama as Renewable Energy generation
  • A way to independence
  • Poverty and diseases are directly linked to the lack of access to adequate energy resources; Prosperity and health are the access to it;
  • Breath regulation practices modify, transform and enhance the level of energy of an individual; on the other hand Renewable energy does the same for societies;
  • Renewable energy is generally defined as energy collected from resources naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as:
    • Solar power
    • Wind power
    • Bio waste energy plant etc.

Fifth Limb of Traditional Yoga / Applied Yoga

Traditional Yoga
Pratyahara - Withdrawal of senses from the external world
Applied Yoga
Pratyahara as turning back to the Self – Self-care/Health care
  • Healthy individuals build Healthy communities and vice-versa;
  • Competitive societies focus on "Doing without awareness" while Conscious Living revolves around "Being" ;
  • Lack of awareness creates blockages, both energetically and physically and results in dis-orders and dis-eases and vice-versa;
  • Self-Awareness generates Self-Care, Self-Appreciation and Self-Satisfaction which in turns can be put at service for others;
  • Yoga and Ayurveda are ancient traditions for prevention and cure based on Natural laws.

Sixth Limb of Traditional Yoga / Applied Yoga

Traditional Yoga
Dharana - Concentrated state of Mind
Applied Yoga
Dharana - Effortless Concentration
  • Art and craft as Self-expression, unity within cultural diversity;
  • Is it possible to be productive while refining the Concentration as a skill?
  • There are practices requiring concentration and while practicing improves the concentration, such as;
    • Self-expression and Communication
    • Organic farming
    • Cooking and serving
    • Music, Dance, Drama and Painting
    • Spinning, Weaving, Stitching, Embroidery and Dressing
    • Construction and housing etc.

Seventh Limb of Traditional Yoga / Applied Yoga

Traditional Yoga
Dhyana – Meditation, uninterrupted flow of awareness towards the object of concentration.
Applied Yoga
Dhyana as constant Visualization of a goal – Channelization of energy to manifest the hidden potential
  • Establishment of a Social enterprise, where the growth of one unit leads to the growth of other units uninterruptedly without any friction, ultimately leads the local economy to mutual Prosperity and fulfillment;
  • The Butterfly Effect works as mass visualization, which influences the matrix of manifestation to unfold Global Consciousness;
  • Local Living, Global thinking: when a society starts working for the benefits of its individuals and vice versa then Yoga takes place.
  • Instead of being dependent on Market and Government for a better life, let's be the source of it.

Eighth limb of Traditional Yoga / Applied Yoga

Traditional Yoga
Samadhi – Oneness, Non-duality, Self-Realization, Liberation, Nirvana or the only option
Applied Yoga
Samadhi as a complete loop, perpetual machine – Research and Development as voluntary evolution
  • Evolution is inevitable and occurs moment by moment to each and every thing;
  • It is an intentional choice available to all the human beings;
  • The one who uses this faculty experiences life as an ever-happening festivity while the one who does not, experiences life as a struggle;
  • All above seven limbs require continued growth and evolution. It is the only option, otherwise dissolution occurs. Continued growth in all the spheres of life, equals to continued satisfaction and bliss.
In the journey of life, if you think that you are heading in the right direction, you may be heading in the right direction but If you know nothing about the direction and still moving, for sure you are heading in the right direction.
Rishikesh YogPeeth